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What is an Intermediate SEO Audit?

An intermediate SEO audit is perfect for small to medium businesses that need straightforward guidance on their SEO strategy and items to focus on.
what is an Intermediate SEO Audit

The perfect in-between a Basic and Advanced SEO Audit. If you are struggling to find an audit that is precisely what you need, look no further than the Intermediate SEO Audit!


This intermediate SEO audit gives you more detail than the basic one but isn’t too technical, so it is accessible to people at all levels of the business.


You get to the bottom of your website issues, and it gives you a wider-scope analysis of what needs improving and how to implement it correctly.

Why Do You Need An Intermediate SEO Audit?

This package is purposefully designed to give you a clearer picture of what is going on with your website. If you are someone who doesn’t like to over-complicate and get straight to the source, this SEO audit is what you need.


The intermediate audit was created with you in mind, giving you the balance of detailed, expertly crafted answers to those underlining SEO problems without all the overly technical information you might not necessarily understand!


This audit is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses that need the low-down on what is happening behind the scenes on their website and those that want the ABC of how to fix potential problems and gain more traffic overall.

When Do You Need an Intermediate SEO Audit?

Have you scoured the internet looking for the right-sized audit for your particular needs but have had no luck? Or do you have a budget to stick to and need something that will work and won’t break the bank?


This is where the intermediate SEO audit comes in! If you are a business that has outgrown entry-level audits and needs something more substantial and beneficial to your website, we can help.

How Does The Intermediate SEO Audit Help You?

We understand that not everyone needs the same detail, and sometimes you need to get straight to the root cause of your issues, but how does this audit package help you do that exactly?


This audit bundle gives you a variety of recommendations, fixes and actions that will help you improve your SEO ranking for years and years to come.


Here is just some of what you can expect if you choose an intermediate SEO audit today:

  • Website on-site and technical review
  • Review of URLs and website structure
  • Response codes and redirects
  • Keyword review and keyword cannibalisation check
  • Issue discovery
  • List of recommended fixes and next steps
  • Thin content checks
  • Initial backlink checks


As you can see, you really get a wide range of helpful information designed to be carried out right away and for you to see organic and accurate results!

website plan

Who Will Benefit From Having an Intermediate SEO Audit?

This Intermediate SEO audit is for those who are looking for straightforward guidance.


It won’t just help you improve your SEO strategy. This audit will also help you improve your website content, optimise and improve the site architecture and ultimately fix the errors that have caused your website to hit a standstill.


As we said earlier, if you are a small to medium-sized business, this audit is designed for you. If you need a no-frills audit to get right to the point of the what and how, you’ve come to the right place.


Even if you already have an in-house team, we are confident this audit will help you by providing an additional level of detail to allow your team to do what they do best. Sometimes all you need is another impartial set of eyes to spot some next steps and opportunities.

Choose to Help You

At, we understand that not every business or website is the same. That is why we specifically tailor each audit to you and your needs.


Perhaps you are not a big fan of spreadsheets and find it easier to understand issues on a word document or even on a presentation that you can share with managers or colleagues. No matter how you would like to receive your audit, we have varied options available that you can choose from. We are here to help you in the best way possible.

Unique Audit Checkout & Fast Delivery

At, we know that sometimes you are too busy to scout out a freelancer, jump on loads of calls and then agree on an audit. That’s why we have created this unique checkout system.


Just like buying your favourite personalised gift, we wanted an online system where you could pick, edit and buy your SEO audit all in one place.


Then, you can simply select the delivery method that best suits you and your business. Once ordered, you can expect to receive your Intermediate SEO Audit within 7-14 days!

This is an unbeatable turnaround for a bespoke, expertly crafted and technical SEO audit, and it doesn’t end there!


If you have a specific date in mind for when you would like your audit back, then no problem at all! Just get in touch with us, and we can accommodate those requests to the best of our ability.

Order Your Audit Today!

So are you ready to take the next step?

Getting your intermediate SEO audit has never been so easy and accessible.

Order your tailored intermediate SEO Audit today. 


Request a Free Consultation Today

Do you have some more questions about our intermediate technical SEO audit that you would like us to answer before you place your order? No problem at all!


Book your free consultation today – Let’s Chat!

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Picture of Nikki Halliwell

Nikki Halliwell

Based in Manchester, UK, Nikki is a freelance Technical SEO Consultant. She has worked at several agencies and in-house and has worked across the health, hospitality and fashion industries and more. Nikki enjoys working with eCommerce websites and beyond to ensure that websites are easy to find, load quickly and work efficiently.