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What is An Advanced SEO Audit?

An advanced SEO audit is perfect for medium to large companies or even enterprise companies who want to take their SEO to the next level.
what is an Advanced SEO Audit

Simply put, the basic SEO audit gives you a surface-level look at what you need to improve. In contrast, the advanced SEO audit looks at your website much more comprehensively.


You can see your website through the eyes of a top SEO professional. Providing you with a highly detailed analysis and a deep dive into recommendations that will improve your site in the long run.

Why Do You Need An Advanced SEO Audit?

The Advanced SEO audit is designed for those who want to see the ins and outs of their website and have a complete breakdown of its technical SEO health. We look at every possible factor that can affect your performance and determine what we need to do to address them.


Due to the sheer size of the audit and the amount of expert detail included, this audit is perfect for medium to large companies or even enterprise companies who want to take their SEO to the next level. We can help you do more than simply optimising existing content; we will look at improving the site’s overall structure and explore various ways to improve the organic search visibility of your website.

When Do You Need An Advanced SEO Audit?

Have you tried to implement your own strategy, but it’s not quite hitting the mark?
Maybe you need help finding exactly what you need to focus on and want a comprehensive approach you can follow.


You know you need an Advanced SEO Audit when you hit a brick wall with your own SEO strategy or you have a successful website, but something has changed and is affecting your organic performance, so you need extra help to find the root of the issue.


With our advanced SEO analysis, you won’t just get the HOW and WHY; you will get the WHAT, WHO, WHEN, WHERE, WHY and HOW!

How Does The Advanced SEO Audit Help You?

This package is expertly designed to give you all the solutions to your issues in one place.

No more having to figure it all out on your own; you get expert assistance to ranking success!

The Advanced SEO Audit will help you by offering you a wide range of fixes, actions and recommendations, all handled with technical SEO expertise.


As part of this package, you can expect to receive the following:

  • High-quality website on-site and technical review
  • Full crawl data
  • A detailed review of URLs and website structure
  • Keyword review and competitor comparison
  • Keyword cannibalisation check
  • Page Speed and CWV Analysis
  • Sitemap and Indexation checks
  • Issue discovery
  • List of recommended fixes and next steps
  • Thin content checks
  • Initial backlink checks
  • EAT and local SEO audit
  • And much more.
audit summary

And that’s not all. We were not lying when we said that you will get the complete package and that all comes with unbeatable service and incredible technical skills that make this audit valuable for your money!

Who Will Benefit From Having An Advanced SEO Audit?

When we talk about who this will benefit, we don’t just mean you as the business!

Suppose you are a medium to large business or a company that already has an in-house SEO team that just needs an outsider’s expert eye on the general issues. In that case, this audit will significantly benefit you.


But it’s not all about you! This Advanced SEO Audit is designed for your audience too!

Without an audience, your business would fail completely. So this audit is about finding quicker, easier ways to reach that audience, promote your products and services, and help you reach a wider audience at the same time.


If your website doesn’t benefit your audience, it won’t benefit you. That’s why you need this advanced audit to find and resolve any problems that have arisen!

Choose to Help You

At, we understand that not every business or website is the same. That is why we specifically tailor each audit to you and your needs. Unlike others, we offer so much more than a one size fits all approach. All of our audits are bespoke for you.


We know that not everyone is a big fan of spreadsheets and plenty of people find it easier to understand issues on a word document rather than a presentation. It’s also easier to share this information with others in these additional formats. We understand that, and we built our packages with this in mind.


No matter how you would like to receive your audit, we have various options available that you can choose from. We are here to help you in the best way possible.

Unique Checkout & Fast Delivery for Audits

At, we know that sometimes you are too busy to find a trusted freelancer, jump on back-to-back calls and still not find quite what you’re looking for. That’s why we have created a unique checkout system.


Just like buying a personalised gift, we stroke to create an online system that allows users to could pick, edit and buy your SEO audit all in one place.

Then, you can simply select the best delivery method that suits you and your business and expect to receive your Advanced SEO Audit within 10-14 days!


This is an unbeatable turnaround for a bespoke, expertly crafted and technical SEO audit, and it doesn’t end there!


If you have a specific date in mind for when you would like your audit back, then no problem at all! Just get in touch with us, and we can adapt to those requests to the best of our ability.

Order Yours Today!

So are you ready to take the next step? Getting your Advanced SEO audit has never been so easy and accessible.

Book a Free Consultation

Do you have some more questions about our advanced technical SEO audit that you would like us to answer before you place your order? No problem at all!


Schedule your free consultation today – Let’s Chat!

advanced SEO audit
Advanced SEO Audit
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Backlink Audit
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Basic SEO Audit
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Nikki Halliwell

Based in Manchester, UK, Nikki is a freelance Technical SEO Consultant. She has worked at several agencies and in-house and has worked across the health, hospitality and fashion industries and more. Nikki enjoys working with eCommerce websites and beyond to ensure that websites are easy to find, load quickly and work efficiently.