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What is a Basic SEO Audit?

A basic SEO audit is perfect for small to medium businesses and allows you clearly see what you need to improve on and how to rank higher in Google.
what is a basic seo audit

You may have been told you need an SEO audit, but what exactly is one? Well, for us, a Basic SEO Audit will give you insight into your business’s overall performance. It lets you see an overview of your web pages and what traffic it is bringing to your site.


Getting an audit such as this means you can see clearly, what you need to improve on and how to rank higher in Google.

Why Do You Need a Basic SEO Audit?

Okay, so you know what a Basic SEO Audit is, but why exactly do you need one? Simply put, you want to know how well your website is doing!


You don’t want just to create a website for your business and cross your fingers and hope it does well. A standard SEO audit gives you the overview you need to make strategic and purposeful changes to improve and grow your site. They are perfect for small to medium businesses and companies or in-house SEOs of a similar size who want a second opinion of their existing SEO efforts.

When do you need a Basic SEO Audit?

Have you put all your effort into your website content, but the conversion rates are still low?  Maybe, you have loads of people coming to your homepage but are getting lost when it comes to actually purchasing your product or service. 


If you feel your website lacks in some areas and you are unsure why, then getting a basic SEO audit is like getting the skeleton key to your website and unlocking the secret backdoor. You get to see the ins and outs of your whole website, which pinpoints the root causes of your conversion and performance issues. 


Not only that, but it also gives you the HOW as well as the WHY.

How Does a Basic SEO Audit Help You?

With a basic SEO audit, you don’t just get a list of problems and no solution to fixing them. This package does much more than that and is designed to truly help you and your business.


Our team will find the problem, highlight the areas of improvement and then advise you on how to change those specific issues, so your website has the best chance at success. An SEO audit can help you by using site analysis to analyse all parts of your web pages and give you the how-to fix-it handbook.


With this particular package, you can put your mind at ease that you have come to the right place and will be guided through the whole audit.

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Who Will Benefit From Having a Basic SEO Audit?

Are you a small business that may have just gotten started in the online world? Or maybe you are somewhat established online, but you’ve hit a bit of a traffic slump and are unsure why.


Then, you are in the right place! This audit will give you the opportunity to take action early on.


The earlier you make the changes, the sooner you will start to see positive results. So if you are a start-up, small or medium-sized business, you will definitely benefit from having this audit package.


What’s more, if you are an in-house SEO or even a company that needs a second opinion or another set of eyes on your current SEO efforts, we can help.


Do you feel you need guidance from an impartial SEO professional on your organic strategy or need help to spot whether there are any particular areas you need to focus on more?


The Basic SEO Audit package is perfect for anyone unsure whether their current strategy provides sufficient ROI or simply wants some extra piece of mind.

Choose to Help You

Now you know everything you need about a basic SEO audit and the details behind why it will help you. But why choose us for your SEO audit package?


Well, at, we understand that not every business or website is the same. That is why we specifically tailor each audit to you and your needs. Maybe you are not a big fan of spreadsheets and find it easier to understand issues on a word document or a presentation.


No matter how you would like to receive your audit, we have various options available that you can choose from. We are here to help you in the best way possible.

Unique Checkout and Fast Delivery

At, we know that sometimes you are too busy to scout out a freelancer, jump on loads of calls and then design an audit. That’s why we have created this unique checkout system.


Just like buying your favourite personalised gift, we wanted an online system where you could pick, edit and buy your SEO audit all in one place.


You can choose precisely what format you want to receive your audit, no matter what you select. As a minimum, you can expect to receive the following:

  • Website on-site and technical review
  • Review of URLs
  • Keyword review
  • Issue discovery
  • List of recommended fixes and next steps.


Then, you can simply select the delivery method that best suits you and your business. From there, you will get your Basic SEO Audit within 7-14 days! This is an unbeatable turnaround for a bespoke, expertly crafted SEO audit, and it doesn’t end there!


If you have a specific date in mind for when you would like your audit back, then no problem at all! Just get in touch with us, and we can accommodate those requests to the best of our ability.

Order Yours Today!

So are you ready to take the next step?

Getting an SEO audit has never been so easy and accessible.


Order your tailored Basic SEO Audit today by placing your basic tech audit order


Do you have some more questions about a basic technical SEO audit that you would like us to answer before you place your order? No problem at all! Get in touch here – Let’s Chat!

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Picture of Nikki Halliwell

Nikki Halliwell

Based in Manchester, UK, Nikki is a freelance Technical SEO Consultant. She has worked at several agencies and in-house and has worked across the health, hospitality and fashion industries and more. Nikki enjoys working with eCommerce websites and beyond to ensure that websites are easy to find, load quickly and work efficiently.