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Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analyis


Tech SEO Audits provides thorough competitor analysis services to give you a competitive advantage in the ever-changing digital landscape.


We offer insightful recommendations to improve your marketing initiatives by examining your competitor’s tactics. To advance your business, find out what’s working for others, spot opportunities, and make educated decisions.

See What’s Working for Others with a Competitor Analysis

Do you find it difficult to stay competitive? You can examine the tactics used by your rivals to achieve success by using our competitor analysis service. We gather important insights to help you develop your marketing plan by examining their online presence, marketing strategies, and SEO activities.


You will receive a thorough insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors with the help of our competition analysis. Their top-performing keywords, backlink profiles, content strategy, and more are all included.


With this information, you can make data-driven choices to strengthen your marketing efforts, improve your search engine rankings, and draw more relevant traffic to your website.


Get Your Competitor Analysis Today

So are you ready to take the next step?

Getting a Competitor Analysis has never been so easy and accessible.

Order yours today by placing your order here.

Do you have more questions about our competitor analysis options that you would like us to answer before placing your order? No problem at all! Get in touch here – Let’s Chat!

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Find Opportunities Based on Competitor Performance

Finding untapped growth prospects requires an understanding of your competitors’ performance. You can learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors by using our competition analysis service. You can use this information to your advantage by examining their strengths, limitations, and market positioning.


We pinpoint strategic weaknesses in the approaches of your rivals that you may use to set yourself apart from the competition. Discover keyword potential, content holes, link-building chances, and new trends you may use. Our in-depth study allows you to make strategic decisions and advance your business.


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As a rule, your XML sitemap should not include any links to URLs that redirect, are canonicalised to other pages, or pages you don’t want to be crawled or indexed.

In a typical XML sitemap setup, only pages with a 200 status and that are indexable should be included.

There may be some exceptions though

In some instances, such as after a migration, you might want to keep old URLs in the XML sitemap. Keeping the redirected URLs in the file can help the new ones get picked up faster. 

It is possible to use a temporary XML sitemap containing URLs you want to be crawled. This works if there are status codes you want to update, URLs being removed, and more. You may also wish to add URLs with a 410 (gone) status code so that they drop out of the index faster. 

What about a standard sitemap?

However, if you’re not going through a migration, and you don’t have any URLs that are being removed etc., please only include the following in your XML sitemap: 

  1. ✅ Indexable URLs.
  2. ✅ Pages with 200 status codes
  3. ✅ HTTPS pages.